Since 1981 ...

Since 1981, Aesoft (now Net Maxima) has been maximising our clients’ strategic business outcomes through:

  • International Patent Winning Innovation Services

  • Award Winning Product & User Experience Design

  • High Quality, Production Proven Software Design, Engineering & Development

  • Strategy & Change Management Consulting

  • Mathematical & Synthetic Intelligence – quantitative, statistical, probabilistic, logistic, modelling, simulation, forecasting, reasoning, multi factor optimisation, AI, etc.

Clients include Westpac Bank, Qantas, Microsoft, Telstra, St George Bank, GE Money, Wizard Home Loans (now Aussie), Commonwealth Bank, AON Insurance, EDS, Canon, Fujitsu, Medtamic, QLD Government, ..., 10s of others (with references available). Aesoft designed & engineered products are used in 100+ countries daily.

No dogma, no 'buzzword' noise, and no ‘cheesy’ sales types. Instead, you deal with people of substance who lead their fields, whose claims are backed up by proof and credible references and whose commitments are, commitments. Our track record is one we are very proud of. We have always delivered what we undertook, always, 100%. There are no 'crash and burn' episodes in our 30 year history and we have also never had a dispute with a client. In fact, our clients are some of our best advocates! Most of our work is repeat business.

Aesoft's distinguished teams are comprised of successful individuals who share a passion for their domain and also possess the attitude, intellect, creativity, insight and resolve to master it.

We use products and services from many suppliers and have links to or relationships with domain experts from academia and specialist industries. Aesoft is independent of any vendor, product or programme. We do not enter into business tie-ins that constrain our activities or advice to clients. Hence, all of our advice/work is truly independent.

In our 30 years of experience in successfully helping clients we have demonstrated, time and again, that by mixing skillsets, experience and insights of your organisation with some of ours, and applying these to your challenges, yields new dimensions of progress for your organisation and that this epiphany is the inspiration that drives everyone to deliver your successful outcomes.

Let our distinguished teams in Design, Intelligence, Research, Engineering and Development further seed your success.

Let us work with you to design an engagement drawn from these teams and offering a unique combination of skills, experience & insight required by your project to achieve its successful outcomes.


Contact details - email The Directors, or call on Tel:+61 2 9233 1499, or Fax:+61 2 9233 1490


Portfolio sample

Commonwealth Bank Integrated Lending & Relationship Management System – the CBA’s Small Business and Middle Market premier platform for leads/pipeline management, credit origination, credit assessment and fulfilment platform. This run the division on platform system had 1000s of users, millions of transactions per day with billion dollar values, hundreds of product categories, 5000 page business function specifications, 1 million of lines of programming code, 100s of reports, secure interfaces, etc. In 7 years of production life to date, it has never been down at all! All Aesoft systems exhibit high quality useability, robustness and performance in production – that is why we are always asked back by our clients for more engagements. [8 Engagements]

Microsoft engaged Aesoft to prepare concept-systems and prototypes to assist their large enterprise clients in the use of emerging technologies and innovative ways to create business value. Microsoft chose Aesoft for this work because they recognised our technical leadership, our engineering precision & expertise, our creative people and our dedication above all else to achieving breakthrough business value outcomes for our clients. [4 Engagements]

Canon had an underperforming document management product range for some years when they contacted Aesoft. Aesoft was asked to redesign it from the ground up! This was the third engagement of Aesoft by Canon who came to appreciate Aesoft's innovative product design skills, and in particular the ‘art & science’ of User Experience to Business Value. Canon Japan was over-joyed with the results. Recognising the benefits of its innovative design and the positive feedback in trials, Canon immediately took action to protect it's asset from copy-cats with patents in Australia, USA and Europe. The patent was awarded a year later to Canon and cites Aesoft director John Mylordis as the inventor. [6 Engagements]

EDS engaged Aesoft to design and build an Agribusiness system for modelling proposed viability of agribusiness ventures. The system was for one of EDS’s large banking clients. The system covered 30 types of agribusinesses (Beef, Grain, Fisheries, Dairy, etc.) and included 1000s of business rules and complex models. Despite the inherent complexity, users of the system were very satisfied with its design and performance. The complexity was eased by making use of metaphors familiar to the financial assessment staff (worksheets, formulas, quick what-if-scenarios, undo, graphics, etc.) and unifying disparate processes. [3 Engagements]

Wizard Home Loans approached Aesoft to build their Business to Business and Business to Customer Web Site or Portal. This was completed on time and to a fixed budget. The system was liked by customers and staff alike and the greater affinity with its features allowed the business to achieve their outcomes. The system exhibited its pedigree traits of positive user experience, robustness, performance and high quality precision engineering; prior to production release its 150,000 lines of code were reviewed line by line by a foreign specialist security company with the tremendous result of zero-defects/issues. Aesoft received a high security commendation for this work. [3 Engagements]

GE Money approach Aesoft to develop quantitative models of customer/market behaviour of real and envisaged financial products. Our work is still covered by non-disclosure agreements so we can not elaborate further.